Do you want to divide your STOCKS by 2?

Synchronize your Supply Chain with a simple Planning Solution


the facts

Supply chain management has never been so difficult.

Companies never have the right amount of stock. Planners are constantly firefighting to face demand pressures. This results in unsatisfied customers and lost sales, penalties and important energy and production loses. 

In 2017, companies lost almost 2 trillion dollars due to overstock and out-of-stock.

Companies don't have any visibility on their supply chain. 48% of them think the ability to access and use the data should be improved (Supply Chain Insight LLC)

Synchronized planning

User Friendly SaaS

A simple and intuitive app, to visualize our recommendations and modify your supply plans

AI Powered

Machine learning algorithms process all your data (but also data from your suppliers and customers) to give you the best plan possible


Supply Chain

We connect your suppliers and customers to you into Flowlity's network, streamlining every flow of materials going in and out

Trusted 3rd party

You choose what you want to share with your suppliers and customers. We can give recommendations even if you choose not to share any of your information


As soon as you don't use Flowlity anymore, you can stop, with no additional fees. If you try Flowlity, we are making the bet you will stick around



We integrate with your existing IT systems (ERP, Excel, Databases) and collect all the data we need


Our algorithms simulate millions of possibilities in order to cover for any future outcomes and find the best plan


Flowlity gives you real-time inventories and replenishment recommendations which allows you to significantly reduce costs and shortages


We connect you with your suppliers and customers in order to continuously improve our recommendations


-10% to -50% Inventories

-10% to -40% Replenishment Costs

+5% to +30% Disponibility

"I've tested the five leading solutions in the market and I'm confident that Flowlity significantly surpasses their capabilities."

Jean-Raphael Garcia - Supply Chain Director @Carrefour



Flowlity has been founded by Jean-Baptiste and Karim in 2018, with the wish to build the Salesforce of Supply Chain. Not being another complicated and costly software. Nor being an obscure AI and machine learning program with no result. They had the ambition to create an intelligent network of companies, and finally streamline every material flows.


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