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Six months after the Entrepreneur First program, Flowlity raised its first million, has welcomed 5 new team members, and already has a performant SaaS bringing relevant recommendations to several companies. The story has just begun. We are on a path to disrupt how Supply Chain planning is done and we are always looking for ambitious, committed and passionate talent to strengthen the team!


We believe that success comes from hard work and deserves to be recognized and rewarded. We provide a competitive package and above all, we give meaningful shares in the company to every team member.

We want the best people to work with us, so we want to give them the best work atmosphere possible. Flexibility, unlimited home-office, flat hierarchy, friendliness are a daily basis at Flowlity!

We also encourage and support every initiative, to think out of the box, to test, fail and try again things, to undertake ambitious actions inside or outside the company!



Just as we want the perfect product for our customers, we highly value greatness and performance. We are ambitious and so are every member of our team, we aim for the best!


As we are the trusted link between companies, we trust each team member and empower them to take bold decisions for the sake of the company.


You are your own boss. Steer your boat just the way you want, only the direction matters. We focus on the results and on bringing real value to our customers.


Just as Flowlity is a growing network, we believe into collaboration, sharing experiences and togetherness. We deeply value kindness at work!


We are a company full of tech lovers, who want to move things and have a real impact. We care about Flowlity, we love what we do and live it the fullest!

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